Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Things

So, four score and however many years ago, at the bright and shiny age of almost-25, I made a list of thirty things that I wanted to do before I turned thirty. Not the most original idea in the world, but the point wasn't to be original. It was to put things in writing and then actually do it. And then, of course, blog about it, because that is what I do.

It was also my diplomatic attempt at using WordPress. One blog on Blogger, one blog on the ol' WP. Until their recent redesign (which I still don't love, by the way, but I'm getting used to it), Blogger was by far more user friendly for me... WordPress is very much designed for people that know what the hell they're doing with websites. I know enough that I could probably function over there just fine, but... I liked it here.

Problem is, I kind of forget about that other blog sometimes. A lot of times. Enough times that I don't think I've updated it in, like, a year. Loooong time. I've revised the List a few times, because the things I find important or interesting have changed over the last few years, and some things have since fallen out of my interest or realm of possible accomplishments. Maybe it's cheating to modify the list, but you know who makes the rules here? I MAKE THE RULES HERE.

The majority of the list has remained the same, and I've checked off quite a few things. I just passed my 28 birthday which means that I've got just under two years to finish the rest of the list. I'm over halfway through my five-year project, and I've been negligent of it. Which is funny, because I think about it quite a bit.

I'm about three or four posts overdue for an update over there, because, surprisingly, I've actually DONE some of the things on the list that aren't checked off yet.

What's even more exciting than that (at least to me) is that despite my inactivity, apparently the ol' 30 Things project is still getting hits and pageviews, and, in a surprising turn of events, has even been featured and linked to a few times. My feeble little list, that I created for my own amusement, is actually inspiring other people to make their own lists. MY WRITING IS INSPIRING PEOPLE. I consider that to be one of the biggest successes I can hope for, even if it's not a big shiny thing, or a profitable thing, or even a thing that gets a lot of my attention and/or effort. This blog right here is my baby, which is maybe a bad analogy given how much I've even been neglecting this one lately (I'm also behind on my Twenties Hacker posts and posting photos to facebook and whatever else are things that I used to do. I'm not even sure the last time I've given a thorough read to my Twitter feed.) It's... my pet project, my #1 creative outlet, whatever.

But I'm pleased that my other blog is getting some love. Despite its cobwebs, despite its unoriginal premise. The fact that it's getting noticed, even with that lack of originality (everyone makes lists, especially life lists or bucket lists), means that there must be at least something kinda special about it that make people take notice. So maybe I'm interesting after all. Maybe people care what I have to say after all. I know this sounds really vain and narcissistic, but it's something I've been struggling with lately, both on this blog and my overall "attemps" at writing lately. Everything's been said before, what makes me think I can say it any differently, any better? How dare I be presumptuous enough to think that people are going to want to read what I have to say.

But apparently, they do. And that might just be the kick in the pants that I need to finish something and wrestle that ambition into submission and do something with it.


The 30 Things project (for lack of a better name) has been featured on a few other blogs lately, along with some other lists, should you be looking for some other kindred spirits that want to, y'know, get shit done. [And by lately, I mean, like, within the last handful of months, because I am terrible at checking comments and link-backs over there. SIGH.]

Over on I Love You Woman, I managed to be listed in the #1 spot in the feature post "30 Goals of 30 Young Women Before 30."

Over on Jesseliz, she links to my list and creates a different kind of list: not of things she wants to do before 30, but of all the awesome stuff she has done.

Over on The Lady and The Beard, she cites my list as one she found and muses about what sort of things she could add to her list.

I'm sure there are others, because I've gotten a few emails here and there, but those are a sampling.

Do you have a life list/bucket list/things to do list? LINK IT HERE IF YOU DO. We'll all have a list party together.

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Here is my ongoing bucket list page.