Thursday, November 15, 2012

There and Back Again

There's a small cave on the hiking trail to the waterfall summit at Multnomah Falls that you have to pass by in order to get to the top. It's really just a large hole - carved out of the stone, whether by nature or by man, I'm not sure. It's big enough to stand in and obvious enough that it's hard to miss, though I wonder how many people overlook it in their quest to climb the mountain. Ten years ago, my sister and I each took a picture in it. My photo album was, until recently, stowed away in my old bedroom at my dad's house, but I'm sure that if you mentioned that waterfall, I would have remembered that little nook on the way up.

When we started our hike up the mountainside, it was a completely different experience than a decade prior. It was rainy and damp and I was extremely conscious of how difficult the climb was going to be for me this time around, given the addition of years and weight. But I vaguely remembered the "cave" and wondered if it was still there, or if it had gotten filled in or the rocks and crumbled down and closed it up.

Sure enough, there it was, waiting for me.

I suppose there's some profound sentiment to be had about the steady constancy of nature and the passage of time, or something.

I just thought it was kind of cool to see again, like an old friend, a tangible memory.

I think I'd like to go back in another ten years and visit it again. Maybe every ten years until I'm too old to make the trip. It would be a neat collection of photos, at any rate.


chimes said...

ooh that would be a cool picture. i would love to go ... need to visit oregon.

Steph A said...

Do it!

Terra said...

I love the idea of returning to it every decade or so. And then you'd have to frame the photos in a little collection and it would be so cool!

Kelly L. said...

it's awesome.

Kelly L. said...

Ok. :)

Kelly L. said...

Yes yes yes! A shrine of sorts.