Monday, December 10, 2012


I can go days without having anything to say and then all of a sudden I have dozens of little half-thoughts and can't seem to capture them all. So I'm taking all of my half-baked post ideas and clomping them together into one post which if I was truly clever I'd come up with a Name for so it could be a Regular Feature but... whatever. Not today.

Also, bullets. Because I like bullets.

But more than bullets, I guess, I like numbered lists.

1. My Christmas cards came on Thursday. I love them so much I basically wrote enough here to fill an entire post, so I have cut all of that out and decided to MAKE it its own post. VOILA.

2. The BF is currently in China. He suspected a few months ago that his company would probably send him there this month and was worried it was going to be OVER the holidays, but fortunately he'll be back on the 20th. That means I don't get to see him for two weeks though. And it's going to be hard to talk or Skype because of the massive time difference. It's a different DAY over there. Something like fourteen hours, I think? At any rate, he is going to bed right as I am getting up in the morning, and when I get off work, he is getting up and going to work. On the brightside, though, it should give me time to get all my holiday stuff done before he gets back. And it will eliminate any, erhm, distractions, so maybe I can square away some of my half-started projects.

3. I had a near meltdown at Target last weekend over a stupid dress and its not-fitting-ness. I think this should probably get its own post too. It was surprisingly traumatic.

4. I might have to do jury duty again tomorrow. It's this post all over again, with somewhat less anxiety than before because I've already been through it once, sorta.

5. The first same-sex couple to get married in Washington is CLEARLY the type that will destroy the sanctity of marriage:


Jane is 77 and Pete-e is 85... they have been together for 35 years. Do we want to do some math to see how many hetero couples have been together that long? Didn't think so.

I'm hearing a buzz that the Supreme Court is going be taking on an official case regarding Proposition 8  - Hollingsworth v. Perry.  I think some serious history is about to go down, guys. Remember the name of this case. It's going to be the Roe v. Wade of our generation.

That concludes today's roundup. As soon as I hit that publish button I'll think of something else, I'm sure, but I guess that just gives me something to add for next time.


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Danielle Russell said...

This is my favorite picture from Washington:

terra said...

I'm so behind on blogs that it's almost the 20th and your manfriend will be home so soon and my manfriend gets home that too and so we should probably name it Manfriend Returning Day of Glee and Kissy Faces, or something.

Anonymous said...

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