Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's Looking At You, Kid. (Kid = 2012).

Ok. It's 2013. Let's start this year off on a positive note because, let's face it, we need all the help we can get 'round these parts. Yesterday's post was, well, depressing, though I suppose that's apropos because I'm not a giant ball of sunshine right now. I'm not completely lost in the dark and gray spaces, though, either, so, um. Let's crack into the leftover bubbly from last night and reflect on the bright parts of the last 365 days.

I spoke briefly about Nicole's ebook Why Wait? and then promptly went off on my own woeful rant about how my life feels like a giant and mysterious cluster of IDKs and therefore I got overwhelmed and couldn't do the "homework" and thus neglected to talk about what my favorite part of the ebook is, and that's the "Eff Yeah 2012" list. 

This is the part where you list all of your achievements and good things that you did or that happened over the last year. Seems obvious enough, but it's so easy to focus on the stuff we failed at (dammit, why is that muffin top still hanging around?!) than on the stuff that was, y'know, AWESOME.

It occurred to me, somewhere in the midst of compiling this list, that I was an incredibly crappy blogger this past year. By which I mean: there were a TON of things I simply never got around to posting about. This was incredibly apparent as I went through my folders of photos. This delinquency stretches all the way back to last December - no wonder I've been slightly stressed out all year. I'm so behind!

But that's not important right now. What IS important is this:

It was really hard to put together this photo mashup. Partially because I limited myself to a small space, but also because there were a lot of photos that didn't make the cut, and I always feel bad when I have to reject something (be it a small photo or a person.)

It also felt a little weird to leave out the most significant part of 2012, which was the addition of The Boyfriend to my life, but I'm respecting his privacy and have chosen not to share his picture all over the Internet. So, just because you don't see him, doesn't mean he's not there or not important. He's just, y'know. Hiding. Like a ninja. Ninja boyfriend. Or something.

Anyway, I suppose I shall proceed to the written portion of this episode, which is simply a list of all the things that happened this year in as chronological order as I can remember them:

I had only the vaguest recollection of what I did for NYE 2011-12 but a scan of my blog tells me that I spent it passed out on my futon with my cat in an extended nap. My life just screams GLAMOUR. Not much else really happened that month, I had the best of intentions (I can see myself scrambling to get caught up on posts, even back then) but ultimately it kind of set the tone for the year - always trying to keep up. The highlight was my work trip to Atlanta where I got to see Jenn and eat the best queso ever.

February was full of awesome, in all of the most unexpected ways. Our annual adult charity prom was super-hero themed (and it occurs to me that I never wrote about it, so, uh, COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU) and a lot of fun, mostly because it reminded me a bit of Halloween and I love seeing the creativity of people's costumes. Future BiSCuit Treavor stopped in Des Moines on his roadtrip through the Midwest and I got him to concede that Iowa didn't actually suck. I had my first date with the boy now known as The Boyfriend, it lasted seven hours and it felt so natural to be hanging out with him that I didn't have any of the crazy anxiety that tends to go along with the mere act of dating, which was actually kind of a weird feeling in and of itself.

The most noteworthy event in March was my first-ever midnight movie showing (The Hunger Games, natch) and the second most noteworthy thing was that I bought a new curling iron that gave me magical powers of Having Pretty Hair.

I finally visited Chicago, which was appalling on so many levels, not the least of which being that I live so damn close to it. I had my very first slice of Chicago-style pizza, I saw The Bean and rode on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier and got a great look of the city skyline at night, I saw famous works of art and started a new game of spot-the-Lincoln-statues because, dude, they are everywhere. I also neglected to blog about all of this because I am a terrible person.

BISC! BISC! BISC! If anything else happened in May, it is forever overshadowed by the glory that is Bloggers in Sin City (Part II). It breaks my heart to not be able to see the other BiSCuits more often, because at this point, they feel more like family to me than some of my actual blood relatives do. A few keywords to describe BiSC2012: Lightbulb fires, frozen hot chocolate shooters, beauty queens, buffets, ice bars, THE FABULOUS LAS VEGAS SIGN, sequin fedora, rooftop dance parties, and so many hugs. Also: In-N-Out Burger.

My seventh summer of softball coaching (second or third as a head coach, and largely on my own for the season since my assistant was a professor at ISU who was in Rome for a month, no, I'm not jealous or anything) - every time I think maybe it's time to turn in my scorebook, I get a new batch of girls that remind me why I do what I do. It's fun and rewarding, and I feel like I'm providing a positive female role model for these girls. I overhead that there was a girl from a different team that was disappointed because she wanted to be on my team, and that warmed my heart right up.

I also went on a spontaneous road trip to Kansas City to a small music festival, and never got around to blogging that, either. 2012: THE YEAR OF UNBLOGGED THINGS.

I met the BF's parents, which was a whole new level of nervous that I've never felt before.

I ended the month in Kansas City again, and was able to catch up with a friend from college and experience what it was like to have your car break down in an unfamiliar city (well, it wasn't MY car, but I was the passenger). Spoiler alert: it's not particularly fun. Other spoiler alert: sometimes, strangers can be incredibly kind and helpful.

On July 1, I participated in my first ever 5K in the middle of the hottest summer that I can remember - the Kansas City Color Run. I didn't meet my running goal because I started my couch-to-5K training way too late, but I had a ton of fun and got a lot of great pictures (of which I'm sure I didn't actually post).

One of my good friends from freshman year got married, and even though I hadn't seen her in a couple years, it was great to be able to be there on her big day.

Also in July, a friend and I roadtripped out to Denver to (a) hang out with my friend Stacey, whom I've known since I was five and (b) see Florence + The Machine. It was the best, most surreal concert I've ever been to. The rest of the week was incredibly fun as well, exploring downtown Denver and a scenic drive to a nearby town and MOUNTAINS and delicious restaurants and participating in a pie-eating contest (because OF COURSE my name would get drawn), which was something I'd never expected to cross off my list of life accomplishments. Needless to say, I owe you all a post on these things as well, if for no other reason than what's the point of even having a blog if you can't post pictures of yourself with whipped cream all over your face? (In case you're wondering, no, I did not win, but I was on track for probably third or fourth place.)

And because July insisted on being eventful, I hopped a plane in Denver directly to Las Vegas to go work a trade show, which meant a second stint in Sin City for the year, only this time by myself. Oh, there were so many thoughts and self-reflections, being in a city that I'd previously only been in under the safety blanket of a group of sixty, and yet somehow the city never entirely lost its sparkle, not entirely - it felt like it was welcoming me home. Though without the BiSCuits, it's not nearly as magical. But I meant to post something about my reflections on traveling by myself and how obvious it was that I've grown as a person over the last couple years, and also on my entirely-too-complicated quest to find a regular (ie: nonsequined) fedora, but of course I didn't, and at this point, I know you're not surprised.

In what was probably one of the most miserably hot afternoons of my life, I saw the President speak at my old college campus. I also saw a fire dancer show one Friday night down by the river in Des Moines, and it was breathtaking and awesome. I really didn't do much else.

I turned 28 and found out I was going to be an aunt(!). I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my very best friends and cried through most of the ceremony because I have turned into an utter softie. I went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in my life. I was a finalist in a literary contest of sorts but ultimately didn't win. I paid off my credit card debt - an accomplishment four years in the making. All of these things (well, maybe not the pumpkin patch) are much more significant than their single-sentence recaps would indicate. This was a pretty significant month, in general. Big things were set in motion.

I wore pink every single day. I did another 5K and while I didn't run the whole thing, I ran for 32 straight minutes (though very very slowly), which is more than I have ever run in my life, even when I was young and thin and in shape. The BF and I took a vacation to Portland which was every bit as awesome as everyone says it is. I climbed an actual mountain and spent hours in the biggest book store of all time, which somehow managed to re-spark my conviction that, yes, I should start writing more, and in fact, I should - and maybe even could - write a book, like I've wanted to do since I was nine. I saw breathtaking views and got rained on a lot and will someday eventually put it all into a post.

I participated in NaBloPoMo though I can't really remember anything I wrote about, though given what an intense election it was, they were probably mostly politically-themed, which is ironic, given how much I get so agitated about politics. So agitated that apparently the only way to appease said agitation is to write about them. I probably annoyed a large quantity of people in the process but quite frankly, if I can't hold on to my convictions enough to stand by them despite the fact that my desire for people to like me tends to weigh above all else, then... why the hell even bother? At any rate, it gave me a voice again. I installed Disqus, which was a long time coming, because Blogger's commenting platform suuuucks. I traveled across the state for a bridal show/bachelorette party for another of my dear friends who is getting married this weekend and for which EVERYONE SEND GOOD WEATHER JUJU TO MOTHER NATURE because it's a long drive and I will probably have the biggest meltdown panic attack ever if there's snow, even though I'm slowly getting less afraid of it.

The BF went to China for two weeks during which I'd hoped to get caught up on this blog and some other projects, but it felt like all I really did was bake and decorate cookies. But he has taught me about six phrases in Chinese (technically Mandarin, but I guess over in China if you refer to it as Mandarin they look at you funny) so now I feel all cultured and want to go back and re-learn Spanish or maybe French (I'd even bought a learning kit or whatever not long after I'd graduated college, because I'd gotten a wild hair that it would be a fun albeit useless thing to do). We got our first blizzard in probably two years (oh, Winter 2011-12, you spoiled us!). I sat through the jury selection process but ultimately did not get chosen, though it was an extremely interesting experience. I also started watching Doctor Who (finally) so if this space continues to be full of no posts, you'll know why.

The main takeaway of this post is this: I have a LOT of back posts to write, which is both good and bad... good, because it provides a nudge against the dreaded writer's block, and bad, because: OMG IT WILL ALL BE OUT OF ORDER FOREVER and also HOW THE HELL DID I GET SO FAR BEHIND?!

Anyway, I have now written my recap of 2012 which means I get to hang onto my blogging license for another year, and I shall now begin the task of Goal Setting and Reflection and Making Lists and basically treating 2013 like a project (BY GOD, THERE WILL BE SPREADSHEETS!) to be achieved rather than the mess that 2012 kind of felt like. I mean, it was a happy mess, but I spent a large portion of the year feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and inadequate, and quite frankly, now seems like the best time to put an end to that shit. FULL SPEED AHEAD!

What were some of your highlights from 2012? What do you want to do in 2013?


Jenn said...

I'm SO SAD you won't be back here this month! BOO. I'm crossing my fingers for a summer trip!

christa said...

your past year looks delightfully and beautifully full. definitely something to celebrate!!

Kelly L said...

My favorite memory of your from 2012 is when we were at In-N-Out and I asked for a hat and you were all "THEY HAVE HATS?!?!?" because the look on your face was one of pure and complete joy and glee and bewilderment and it was the best thing. <3

Kelly L said...

That was probably one of the best moments of all time.