Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Only Watch The Super Bowl Through Twitter

My interpretation of what happened at the Super Bowl, as deciphered solely from Twitter and/or facebook: the 49ers sucked in the first half, the commercials were boring, GoDaddy continues to be offensive and misogynistic, BEYONCE, outbreak of jealousy over Beyonce’s legs, DESTINY’S CHILD REUNION OMG, football, POWER OUTAGE, lots of jokes about power outages, whoever loses will blame the power outage, game resumes, 49ers decide to stop sucking, there was a tear-jerking Clydesdale commercial, there was a Dodge Ram commercial that utilized 90s radio icon Paul Harvey, more football, blah blah, suddenly the game was over and now I need to send my condolences to my brother-in-law because I think his team lost. At any rate: WINNER OF SUPERBOWL 47: BEYONCE.


Kelly L said...

NAILED IT. (love this.)

Kelly L said...

Yep. That about sums it up.

Kelly L said...

sounds about right!