Sunday, March 17, 2013

PAWLIDAY CARD TIME, St. Catty's Edition

Before I dive into two weeks (ish) of prompt-inspired posts, there's something very important I need to share with you first.


Kelly L said...

Hi Kelly, from another (transplanted) Iowa girl/cat lover/person who decided to lose weight - finally - great to read you here. I came through Scintilla, decided to start at the bottom and am so glad I did. I don't even mind that you don't have any Scintilla stuff here yet, 'cause it was a pleasure to read your first few entries anyway. (Who needs prompts, amIright?!)

Congrats on your decision to get healthy; the smoothie sounds great! You're right about the green being off-putting, though. I'm a big "texture and appearance" kind of gal, so I don't know that I could bring myself to try it! I make my smoothies with half a bottle of Fuze Slenderize (strawberry melon is a favorite), a few whole frozen strawberries, about four ice cubes and a banana. Delicious AND pretty and only 160 calories. I'm using Fitness Pal (which is both a website and an app) to keep track of my calories and it has done wonders keeping me on goal.

Hope to see a story or two soon; I'll keep checking back! :)

Kelly L said...

YAY! Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I knew there was a good reason for ending up on the bottom, haha. What's your blog? I can't figure out how to glean that information from Disqus because I am ragingly incompetent at technology.

I just started using the Fitness Pal site/app last week - today is my 1 week anniversary of starting at AND STICKING WITH IT. I even did it over the weekend which is an accomplishment, I think. Mostly it's just fun to watch the number change at the end of the day, even if it is just a projection.

I've got some stories written, finally, but alas, they're on paper and I haven't had a chance to type them up. SOON!

Kelly L said...

Lol fabulous, as always. :D