Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Five Disclaimers About the Quirkiness of My Being

The most anxiety-ridden part of signing up for BiSC is probably writing your bio and choosing a picture. I mean, this is what introduces you to a bunch of people that don't know you. First impressions, and what not. I got smart this year, though, and instead of agonizing over it at the last minute, I chose a photo and wrote out my Five Things pretty much as soon as I got home, and then stored it in my Dropbox until such a time as it was needed. I was PREPARED.

So, in case you are curious (which you are most likely not, but I'd like to keep it preserved somewhere for nostalgia sake), here is my 2013 bio. Complete with wonky elbow. (No, seriously. If you ever meet me in person, ask me to demonstrate how my elbows bend all weird. It squicks out everyone. This picture doesn't do them justice.) Maybe it makes me really vain but I really like that picture of me, I don't even care, I think I look pretty and even kind of thin in it. And my hair looks nice.

As far as the five points go, as we approach B-day*?

I kind of want a black fedora this year, as I don't have one and it seems like an essential item for any fedora wardrobe.

I suspect I will totally destroy my picture quantity record this year, mostly because I plan on visiting the Neon Museum if I don't die of heat stroke first.

I have a swim top and a floppy hat and a < 3oz bottle of sunscreen (THANKS FOR WANTING ME TO GET SKIN CANCER, TSA), but I make no promises beyond that.

I HAVE UPGRADED MY PHONE and it is everything I dreamed it would be and more.

And I still kind of plan on going to bed early at least a couple nights. Because I am, in fact, not-so-secretly an old lady. But, y'know. Time zones.

*BiSC Day. GET IT?!


Kelly L said...

Oh goody I'm not the only one who can't party till the morning light! Congrats on your new phone (hehe, I only got an iPhone a year ago, before that I was still using a dumbphone so I think it deserves actual congratulations) and can't wait to meet you!

Kelly L said...

Also, WTF? I appear to have a cat icon profile photo that I did not upload. Weirdness.

Kelly L said...

Ha! That's my default icon. And my spastic cat.

Kelly L said...

Early bedtimes FTW!!!