Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hot Hot Heat

The temperature outside yesterday stayed pretty steady at 95 degrees.

Depending on where you live or how much you like the heat, that sentence may mean something different to each of you. To me, it means it feels like it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside and my poor delicate self has a tendency to wilt under extreme temperatures. I don't like the heat and I am very rarely dressed appropriately for it. You know those crazy people that wear shorts in the middle of the winter while there's a foot of snow on the ground? I'm the opposite. I'm the crazy person that wears jeans and black t-shirts in the summer. (Hey, black is slimming.) I'm most comfortable in jeans and I dislike when it's too hot because then I am physically uncomfortable and my brain weeps. 

At any rate, I figured it would be a good trial run for Vegas, who is currently experiencing 100 degree temperatures, which, frankly, is only 5 degrees hotter than here, and once I've reached my heat threshold, it's all miserable and the temperature really doesn't matter anymore. And I really do want to slap the people who are always all, "yeah, but it's a dry heat." ONE HUNDRED DEGREES IS EFFING HOT, WHETHER IT IS DRY OR NOT. Granted, humidity makes everything worse (especially my hair), but even so. 


It wasn't quite as bad as I was bracing myself for, though. I mean, I only went to my car to go get my hair cut* but there was kind of a breeze and I could tolerate it in short increments, despite that I am dressed for a temperature roughly twenty five degrees cooler than what it actually was. So maybe I will be okay.

*OMG I FINALLY GOT A HAIR CUT. I went into full-on panic mode last month when I went to call for a cut and my salon didn't answer and didn't answer and didn't answer and naturally this was the end of the world because I don't trust anyone else with my hair, even though I don't do anything terribly exciting with it (trim off the damaged bits, layer it up a little, and thin in out, because I have the thickest hair ever), and then finally I did some Google-fu and landed on their facebook page (which I probably should have looked for first) and discovered that, to my relief, they were remodeling and would reopen in time for me to squish in a haircut before I left. I booked a hair appointment through their facebook page which is one of the more random things I've done lately when it comes to my mundane little life, and then I went and it was awesome and now my head is five pounds lighter (approximately). 

And then since I was at the mall anyway, I went and bought some capris and a new skirt, because I'm not an idiot. It's gonna be hellishly warm.

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