Friday, May 3, 2013


Yep, still snowy and slushy and gross. I don't even know.

BUT! Before it got all gross and disgusting (so, like, Tuesday), I went for a run and set a new PR for the year. If I can keep adding five minutes every week, I'll not only smash my overall PR in no time, but I'll get to a 5K before I know it. I'm pretty slow - I think I was running about a 14 minute mile on average, so I haven't quite cleared the 2 mile mark yet, but... soon.

Slow forward progress, guys.

Also, speaking of which... there seems to be a large Venn diagram overlap of bloggers who have taken up running, which I think is kind of cool. Because then I get quotes like this from Amber that make me feel better about myself:
I believe that if you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter if you run around the block or you run Badwater. If you tie on your shoes and start moving your feet, you are a runner. Just as it doesn’t matter if you write on cocktail napkins or head the New York Times bestseller list. If you put words to paper with the intent of telling a story or sharing a truth, you are a writer.

Plus this entire post by Nicole.

Now, we won't focus too much on the fact that my writing has stagnated lately, but, again. Baby steps. One thing at a time and I'm focusing on keeping my head above water with life, work, coaching, family, and the entire backlog of projects that are lurking in my apartment. 

Which, given the fact that I've been driven inside by the snow (which, I almost went for a run last night but I opted to go shopping instead), you'd think I'd be able to focus on some of the indoorsy activities, but whatever. I'm suffering from a bad case of Overwhelmeds right now and I can only take tiny nibbles out of my list.

And I really did think that maybe I would have woken up today and the snow would have been gone. I mean, it's May. That's not an unrealistic hope. SIGH.


Kelly L said...

Good for you, going running. I can do about 3 blocks before my lungs spontaneously combust into flaming agony. I can't believe it's snowing in May. Where do you live? Ugh.

Kelly L said...

That's about as far as I used to be able to run. I'm really slow, but I'm starting to be able to go longer.

I live in Iowa, for reasons I'm starting to heavily question.

Kelly L said... gonna join us for the Blogger Run Club this year? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* - you totally should. Even if you might melt in the heat. I'll melt with you. Also, drunk people are still out and about at that hour and it's HILARIOUS.