Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Night's All Right For Writing

This time last week I was sitting on a couch on a rooftop of a swanky nighclub in Las Vegas, enjoying the perfect warmth of a desert evening and once again marveling at how I'd managed to find myself there and trying very hard not to focus on the fact that it was almost over.

Today, it's rainy and stormy and cold, and I've spent most of the day in bed, trying to fight off some unidentified form of illness that's trying to take me out. I had fever dreams on Thursday night but managed to wake up without one on Friday, though by the time I finally got home again I was experiencing the type of body aches that tell you that you're about to go down for the count. I've felt really weird all day - I get hints of being unwell (achy, dizzy, with random bursts of coughing), and then I take a nap, and I'm good to go for a few hours. If I have to do this all weekend to keep from being Actually Sick, I will. I even tried some Emergen-C, which I hate and find to be incredibly gross, and supercharged on whatever form of Vitamin C I could get my hands on. I think my immune system is stronger now that I've started running and eating better, but the sheer amount of stress (and emotional whiplash) I've experienced over the last week probably didn't help matters. I guess a lot of the other BiSCuits are getting sick, too, so it's a thing. (My brain automatically thinks of the movie Contagion which I've only seen trailers for, and... yeah. BAD.)

I had to get up early this morning to collect gate fees at a softball tournament, that, frankly, I felt little to no association with at all. It's run by the board that I'm on; however, it's for the "other" league, the one I have no participation in. My team doesn't even play in this one. But, like a trooper, I was up at 6am (SIX IN THE MORNING) (!), it's storming like a mofo and they are stubbornly refusing to call it because canceling a tournament is probably the biggest pain in the ass of all time and I don't really blame them, except it's really storming, but whatever, I'm already awake so I don't care, and I get there and THEN they decide to push it all back two hours. Ok, whatever, I used that time to finish uploading all of my Vegas pictures to facebook, which, despite how ridiculous of a priority that is, it was actually a huge weight off of my shoulders and I don't even care if I don't accomplish anything else this weekend. Then I come back and stand in the cold and the wind and the damp for an hour and a half, fumbling with soggy money and reassuring people that the games were still going to go on as planned, keeping a smile on my face even though I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. It wasn't terrible, softball people are usually good people. Minus those two cars who zoomed by us so they didn't have to pay, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL AND KARMA WILL FIND YOU. Anyway, some couple brought me a hot chocolate because they felt bad for me and it was probably the nicest thing ever and really sweet of them to do.

I didn't run today - I should have, it was cold but I've run in colder. And snow, even. But it got late before I realized it and I didn't really want to go run in the park in the dark because even though this is a super safe town, it just sounds like a great way to get yourself in the news. I thought about borrowing the BF's elliptical but my energy was just kind of drained at that point, so... no deal. I'll go tomorrow. I need to. For me, for my momentum, and probably for my immune system.

I'm hoping to start my BiSC recaps this week - I even made outlines and did some pre-writing while I was there (!), but man. There are so many thoughts and so many feelings and, mostly, so many pictures. I think I'm going to have to collage them so I don't break my blog.

There is absolutely no point to this entry (as I'm sure you've gathered on) other than a small smattering of updates, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again, so: here we are.

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