Tuesday, May 21, 2013

That One Time I Cried Over Missing Shoes, And Other Reasons Feelings Are The Worst

I'm not ready to write my Vegas recap post(s) yet. I don't know how to explain the last three years and what they've meant and why this trip has been so important to me. I don't know how to round up all of the photos and quotes and tweets and inside jokes and all of the things I'm so desperately trying to hold on to. I don't know how to process the fact that I'm not sure when (or even if) I'll see some or most or all of these people again. My heart is aching in a way that it does only when I come home from BiSC. I half-jokingly commented earlier that I didn't want to talk to anyone or read anything that wasn't related to BiSC. I'm not ready to let go of it yet. I'm in complete denial over the fact that it's over.

I just spent the last ten minutes sobbing uncontrollably because I couldn't find my running shoes. I suspect it's not really about the shoes, but really, who the hell loses a pair of shoes? Whose life is so overwhelming and messy and out of control that they literally lose their only pair of athletic shoes? My frustration kept building to the point where I just snapped, and there were ugly tears and it just.. I don't know. I had a very small window this afternoon where I could go - I was going to meet up with the BF for dinner before he had to go back to work for a while, it's probably going to storm again, and I really just want to sit and organize all of my photos but I really, really wanted to go running, because I haven't for almost a full week now and also: buffets. I'm already getting bombarded with work emails and softball emails and ALL OF THE OBLIGATIONS and I was doing pretty good with the transition back into real life until this shoe debacle and suddenly I felt like all control was slipping away from me and I just cracked. I'm still processing All of the Feelings from saying goodbye to everyone and really, I just want a hug and I don't want to be back in my real life yet because it's hard and demanding and stressful and all I really wanted to do was go for a run (never thought I'd say that) and I CAN'T because I LOST MY EFFING SHOES and everything is the worst.

I didn't expect it to hit me so hard, so all at once, so soon, this end of an era, this final goodbye to our family reunion in the desert. I know it's not really the end - we'll find new ways to meet up and hang out, we're all a few mouse clicks and keystrokes away from each other, and yet... and yet, my heart is breaking and I've never, ever been good at handling my emotions. From the people I met three years ago to the people I met three days ago, I miss everyone terribly. I never really thought I would feel like I belong - and sometimes, oftentimes, I still don't, but it's the worst feeling to know that I'm so far from everyone and I feel like I'm going to miss out on everything and be left out of everything. The worst part is? The only people who will ever truly understand exactly what I am feeling are the ones who were there and experienced it themselves - the people that are too far away to hug. How could I possibly explain any of this to anyone else? I don't think anyone else can truly understand why am I so upset over this, why it's so hard. I'll never be able to figure out how to explain it, I could spend years writing and re-writing about it, and I doubt the words will ever come out right.

Where do we go from here? I don't know. I'm sure there's something. But I can't look ahead yet, because I'm stuck right here. I'm mourning something that I never really thought could be mine to miss, and yet, here we are. All the feelings, all the tears, and this space is my only outlet and I can't even explain it. A fine mess I'm in, indeed.


Kelly L said...

"Family Reunion in the Desert" - THAT is the most perfect way to describe everything. Like I said right before I burst into messy tears at brunch. You're my people. You guys are like my tribe - the one that at certain points in my life I wasn't quite sure I'd find, but that I am so grateful I did. Just know you are loved very much.


Kelly L said...

I know, right? I know. The worst thing is getting back to reality, with as you said, "ALL THE OBLIGATIONS." I am overwhelmed and tired and it's only Tuesday. I wish I could 8 second hug you right now.

Kelly L said...

I would eight-second hug you so hard.

Kelly L said...

I think "tribe" is the perfect word to describe it - you hit the nail on the head (and my brain wants so badly to turn that into a "that's what she said" but I can't quite). I love you guys so much. I'm so glad we got to spend 3 glorious weekends in Vegas hanging out and becoming BFFs.

Kelly L said...

Me too! I'm so thankful for the three years we've had together and I know my life is better for knowing you & having you as a friend. The Vegas trilogy may be over for now, but I'm looking forward to future adventures together! xox

Kelly L said...

When I came home and realized that I had so little to tell Sarah about the trip that she'd actually GET without having been there, I realized that I was part of something that was more than your typical jaunt out of the City of Sin.

It's not the end. It's a new beginning. I'm sure of it.