Thursday, July 25, 2013


Somehow or another I fell through a link-clicking black hole yesterday and managed to wind up on the San Diego Zoo's website wherein I discovered that in addition to their famous Panda Cam, they now have a Koala Cam.

It also just so happens that I now have a second monitor on my computer that I don't use all the time. So when it is not in use, I have the Koala Cam up. It actually works great, because koalas sleep about 16+ hours a day so most of the time there is just a fuzzy bundle of gray sitting in a tree, who occasionally wakes up and looks around and just sits there all cute-like, and then falls back asleep again. It's great. I can still get my work done but have tiny little breaks now and then to glance over and see its little koala face looking at me. Or munching on leaves. Or climbing around to find a new spot to sit in.

Here are some screenshots from a particularly adorable little koala that I've been hanging out with today.

It is one of my life list items to hold a koala, but I think in order for that to happen, I'm actually going to have to go to one of the Australia zoos. A TRIP TO AUSTRALIA, TWIST MY ARM. So that will probably be a bit in the future, given that (1) I've been really slacking about renewing my passport and (2) trips to the other side of the world are expensive and it's not something I can afford right now.

In the meantime, I shall have to content myself with the koala cam and my Pinterest board.


Kelly L said...

New Kelly's 30th bday plan: GO TO AUSTRALIA. :)

Kelly L said...

OMG. !!!!!!!!!!!!1!

Kelly L said...

... or I could see if Nick's GF would smuggle a drop bear back with her from Aussie next time she travels. (google it).

Kelly L said...

Oh lord. DROP BEARS.

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