Friday, August 23, 2013

Teary Speech is Optional

Hi everyone! Thanks for entering my super nifty giveaway for a $50 gift card to Uncommon Goods! The time has come to choose a winner.

I had elaborate plans for this. I was going to create a tournament bracket and randomly select the finalists and then find different ways to advance them (rolling dice! perhaps attaching printouts of their face to toy cars and racing them! drawing cards! I don't know!) because simply picking a winning number with the online random number generator is boring, at least for me. I mean, all the anticipation and build-up, and, boom. One click and it's all over. There was one time that I did a giveaway/drawing and threw everyone's names into a hat and then made my cat pick one. But I've already done that, see, and this would have been significantly more slips of paper to create.

But, time got away from me, and the best of intentions were kind of shot to hell, so I am forced to simply pick a number. I KNOW, I KNOW. It's disappointing for everyone. Mostly for me. But perhaps next time I can devise some elaborate scheme to entertain myself with.

So, without much further ado, the winner is...

And because I know she shares my love of koalas, here is a picture of one doing what I am now choosing to believe is a fist pump.

DISCLAIMER'D: I was selected as part of the Blogger Review Program and received products free of charge  in exchange for a review and promotion of the Uncommon Goods site. All opinions are always my own which is hopefully pretty obvious.

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Kelly L said...

AHHH Sorry that I suck and just saw this. That koala is so fist pumping because that is the best damn eucalyptus he has ever tasted! THANKS AGAIN!!!