Friday, November 1, 2013

It's the Great Halloween Recap Post, Charlie Brown

Halloween is one of those holidays that I'd really love to love, but it seems like I rarely have anything to do for it, and it's hard to muster up the excitement to create a clever costume if you've got nowhere to wear it. Not that that necessarily stops me... I just perhaps don't go as all-out as I should. My friends need to start having Halloween parties again. I miss those.

First things first... the kitty costume. She was pretty much possessed by the devil last Halloween so I didn't even try to dress her up, but she's been a good kitty this year so it was time to bring the tradition back.

Behold... Frankenkitty!

Next, my spur-of-the moment Wednesday night costume idea. I had zero plans for Halloween this year (as is what frequently happens when the holiday falls on a weeknight) but I couldn't help myself. As soon as I saw it in Target, I knew.

It's like I have ESPN or something.

I channeled my inner Karen Smith and it was great. We went and got "Boo-ritos" at Chipotle ($3 if you're wearing a costume!) and once I fully explained my costume (my costume of a person wearing a costume?) she told me that I was her hero. It redeemed all the times I have wept for society.

It was my little nephew's first Halloween, and he seemed to enjoy it. I mean, he obviously doesn't grasp the concept of trick-or-treating yet, but he seemed perfectly content in his little costume.

(Despite my profound affection for koalas, I actually had no hand in picking this out. Which made it even more awesome.)

I also made some pretty sweet looking Halloween cookies. It's my recipe for "Christmas" sugar cookies but I decided to break tradition and make them early this year. It was kind of fun to have new shapes and colors to work with.

Laaaaaaaast but not least, I never got around to posting my Halloween costume from last year, which is a shame, because I was pretty pleased with it. Even more so because it was super last minute because I changed my mind about four times about what I wanted to be.

If you don't know who this is, then... um... well you're probably pretty young and I just proved how old I am. Whatever, don't care.

Anyway. I spent my Halloween watching such timeless classics as Hocus Pocus (side note: that movie came out twenty years ago. How's that for feeling old? Oy) and eating a burrito bowl. Oh, and I carved a pumpkin for the first time in, mehhhhhhhhhh I don't know, ten years? Fifteen? I can't even remember. I opted to go for a traditional look rather than "cheating" and using one of the patterns that came with the carving kit. (Side note: I was really skeptical about the quality of the cheapy tools from the aforementioned kit... but you know what? They worked great. Who knew?)

Incidentally, this was the very first jack-o-lantern in which I scooped the "guts" out myself. That was always a job left to my dad. Because: squishy and gross. Obviously. Therefore, this pumpkin is probably the best one ever. Because I did it all by myself. I suppose I could cross that off of my abandoned list of "things to do before I turn 30."

It's the little victories, people.


Kelly L said...

My goodness, that Koala costume! <3 Is that available in adult size? :)

Kelly L said...

Best Costume EVER! I spent most of my Halloween saying "I'm a cat, duh!"

Kelly L said...

I love it. Your Halloween experience sounds almost identical to mine this year, except replace Hocus Pocus with The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is also twenty years old. What the fuck?), mouse ears with an orange stick-on beard, also from Target (I went to a party dressed as the host of said party. it was pretty great), and it had only been five years since i had last carved a pumpkin. Oh, and i didn't dress my dog up, but i should have. But those little pumpkin carving tools? Yeah, totally did the job way better than household tools. I was surprised.

Kelly L said...

I watched Nightmare too! And my disc said it was the 20th anniversary edition and I've had it for a few years, sooo... FEELING EXTRA SUPER OLD.

You should totally dress your dog up next year. It's the greatest.

Kelly L said...

I was going to be Carmen Sandiego for Halloween this year and then switched right before to Elvira. Carmen might make a comeback next year though.

Kelly L said...

The koala costume is my favorite! So cute!

Also your Karen costume is pretty damn fabulous, love it. And Hocus Pocus forever and ever.

Kelly L said...

I loved your halloween costume this year! and wait, I missed KellyCookies (tm)? If there are any leftovers you should freeze them right now and bring them next wednesday. I'm pretty sure I am not allergic to those.

Kelly L said...

Thanks! And as a matter of fact, I have a few left in a container that's been traveling around in my backseat, so they're as good as frozen. Just remind me next week and I will share!