Monday, January 20, 2014


So I'm taking this fiction writing workshop class thing online held by the brilliant Alice Bradley, and her recommended reading for the week was a couple of short stories. Being not in possession of a New Yorker subscription (that shiz is expensive!), I wandered to Amazon, and sat there staring at my screen. "I don't REALLY want to spend any more money, especially not to buy two books just to read one story from each... but I really want to read the stories she suggested...." and then it hit me like a giant, idiotic bolt of lightning. HEY, SELF. YOU HAVE A LIBRARY CARD. MAYBE USE IT ONCE IN A WHILE.


Kelly L said...

LIBRARY CARDS rock. You can also get e-books from the library (wilbor ... overdrive media I believe is where you would go). You get a book for two weeks at a time from the library. The downside is that you don't get to renew it.

RE: short stories — check out David Sedaris and Raymond Carver. Sedaris writes funny semi-autobiographical pieces and Carver writes dark stories that seem light until you get the point.

Kelly L said...

Ugh. The furnace dying sucks. In not as dire of a situation as the furnace dying, my space heater breathed its last hot breath last week; coincidentally, my space heater picked the day I found out that electric is included with rent (gas is not) to die.

Your 2014 will be good because we're turning 30. And that can't be bad. Right?

... Right?

Kelly L said...

I always admire your ability to turn seemingly mundane things into entertaining stories. :D

Kelly L said...

Thanks. If I'm being honest, that's probably my favorite type of story to tell.

Kelly L said...

THIRTY IS THE NEW TWENTY. Or whatever the current 20 is. I dunno.