Monday, April 28, 2014

Holding Back & Owning Up

It's been a while since I've dedicated an entire post to raving about an entirely different post, but I command you to drop everything you are doing RIGHT NOW and go read this post by Nicole if you haven't already.

Stop Playing Small

BAM, right in the heart. It's about how we don't always own up to what our goals actually are because we are afraid of the feeling of failure and inadequacy that follows if we don't meet them. I love her philosophy about redefining failure - instead of falling short, it should mean that you didn't try. We're not inspired by people who always achieve all their goals, all the time - we're inspired by the people that are honest about it, who struggle, who may or may not achieve what they were after but dammit they gave it their best shot.

"You don't want to fail? Neither do I. But it's time to redefine 'failure.' Why does failure have to mean not reaching your goal? Why can't failure instead be marked by not giving your best?"

Whatever, go read it, RIGHT NOW, and tell me it isn't the kick in the face you needed today. It's not often that I experience such a profound perspective shift, but... man. All the love for this post. All of it.

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