Monday, December 21, 2015


What's the best way to bring me out of blog semi-retirement? Give me free stuff to review!

(Seriously though, hi, how is everyone? LONG TIME NO SEE!)

Speaking of seeing, that's what we're going to be talking about. (Haha I'm so clever). As you may recall, back in April 2014, I joined the bespectacled masses. My vision is still pretty decent, despite the, y'know, nearsightedness, but I was absolutely amazed at how much of a difference the corrective lenses made. I still occasionally sit there and play a game where I lower my glasses and raise them back up and am like "meh" "high definition!" "meh" "high definition!" It's pretty entertaining.

I got two pairs of glasses at the eye doctor but was pretty underwhelmed by my choices... so then I started buying them online, which was awesome, because I had SO MANY CHOICES and also they were a fraction of the price. I was able to get some prescription sunglasses as well as a few pairs of regular glassses that fit my taste much better than the limited selection I had been given originally.

So imagine my delight when the good people at emailed me out of the blue and offered me a free pair in exchange for a review. Umm, yes please! I spent some time browsing their selection of prescription eyeglasses and found the pair that I obviously needed to have, because they were my signature shade of blue.

these, in case they strike your fancy also

With any online glasses purchase, there is a bit of wait time involved, because they obviously have to produce the lenses to your prescription, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly these arrived.

I generally prefer the plastic/acrylic/acetate frames because I don't love the stupid little nose pieces, and you'd be amazed at how often I get my hair caught in them. (Don't ask me how. It's a special talent.) These were nice and comfy, just like I'd hoped, and really lightweight.


creepy closeup to show detail

I'm not particularly kind to my glasses, though I probably should be... I have developed a bad habit of just tossing them aside when I take them off or putting them in my purse or bag when wearing sunglasses... I'm honestly surprised I haven't broken any of my pairs yet. This pair has held up remarkably well, I found them in a random bag this weekend ("that's where those went!") and they were completely unscathed. So I'm pretty impressed with the quality as well.

Ok, so now you're probably like, I WANT AWESOME CHEAP GLASSES. HOW DO I GET SOME?

First things first: make sure you have a copy of your prescription. The biggest thing I have noticed is to watch your PD (pupillary distance) because a lot of the frames have a range of PDs that they will work for - if you are outside that range, you'll need to keep looking.

Second things second, though I probably should have led with this: you can totes get your first pair for free. WHAT? You read that right. All new customers get their first pair free. That's pretty exciting right?

ANOTHER BONUS FOR YOU GUYS: 50% off sunglasses and already cheap glasses with code GSHOT50.


If you have questions about buying glasses online, just let me know. I consider myself to be rather skilled at it. Also if you take advantage of this deal and get your own glasses, I'd love to see your selfies! Not sure if you can add photos to the comments, but you can tag me on Instagram @therealkelalea.

Disclaimer: I was given a free pair of prescription eyeglasses in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, because that's how I roll.