Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Once Again, Asking Why

The days after a tragedy are always interesting. And by interesting, I mean rage-inducing and baffling. Some of the stuff I have seen posted have been making me sick. I can't even begin to address it all, but I'm going to word vomit a bit so I don't, y'know, actual vomit. Because I want to.  
First up: the hypocrisy of rhetoric. Are we calling all mass shootings terrorist attacks, or just the ones committed by non-white dudes? Because we haven't been until now. Do we pick and choose which ones are terrorism now? Explain to me what the difference is. Are we purposely avoiding calling it a hate crime for some reason, despite the fact that these victims were singled out due to their sexual orientation? It wasn't religiously motivated. It was flat-out hatred. It doesn't seem to me that any one religion had anything to do with it. It sounded like one man's rage and mental health issues.  While we're on it, are we going to talk about mental health issues? Nah. Pass the blame somewhere else. We might talk a big game about mental health funding for a few days, but nothing will happen. Hell, our governor actively even cuts that funding and shuts down whatever facilities are left.  Because "it can't happen here", until it does.  Movie theaters, schools (elementary schools, even), dance clubs, shopping malls. Nowhere seems to be safe anymore. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? I also don't understand this nation's gun fetish. The Orlando shooter was on the FBI's watch list but he was still able to buy a gun, because guns are easier to buy than cold medicine. Any other tragedy happens and all sorts of laws go into place (I've seen several references to KinderEggs being illegal here but not guns - y'know, chocolate eggs with toys inside. Dangerous stuff.) But not a shooting. Shootings, we just shrug and pray and wait for the next one. How fucked up is that? WE WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE. Because there's always a next one. Because guns > people.  Explain it to me. Explain to me this gun worship. I do not understand it. I understand hunting and sport shooting. Hunting doesn't particularly sound like my cup of tea, but to each their own; sport shooting sounds like it could be fun. I understand these things. I do not understand the rabid obsession of All The Guns. Y'all remember the Commandment about no false idols, right? Because I feel like a lot of people need to review that one.  Enlighten me, also. Why can't we do more? Nobody's going to take your damn guns. But I don't understand why there is an issue with following similar protocols for guns as, say, there are for cars. You have to take classes, you have to pass a test, you have to get a license, you have to have insurance... you have to earn it. Cars are still deadly, yes, but we've been trying to make them safer. We do studies. We learn from those studies. The CDC ISN'T ALLOWED to do studies on gun violence because the NRA bullied Congress into banning it. THAT is also super fucked up. If we could study it, get to the root causes of it, then maybe we could figure out how to make things safer. Why is this such an untouchable topic? Why is this "the thing"? Possibly a bigger question, why doesn't this seem to be a problem in any other developed first-world country? Why here?  I don't want to see fingers pointed. If you're going to try to blame someone, just shut it down and walk away. It's on ALL OF US, as a society. We did this. We let it get this way. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Unfortunately, I fear the answer is that we're just going to sit on our asses and wait for it to somehow get worse and worse until we just totally self-destruct. Just this once, though, I would love to be proven wrong.