FaceShop Gallery

I've made a mockery of my own design degree with what I now lovingly refer to as my Collection of Images Upon Which I Have Photoshopped My Face Using The Least Degree of Finesse Possible.

Sometimes there was a specific goal of something that I wanted to express, thus I was inspired to create these masterpieces; usually it's just for shits and giggles. But in either case, I feel it is very important to be able to showcase them all, lest anyone have missed one.

And because I love you, I have hunted down all of their original posts and linked them, in case you want something silly like context (ie, why I photoshopped my face onto Scarlett Johansson's body on a Diet Dr Pepper can. I HAD MY REASONS, OKAY?).

Also guest starring Maria from No One Reads the Copy

Ok, this obviously isn't me, but I'm still quite fond of my work on this one.

I will never be able to top this one. Ever.